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IPC plast, spol. s r.o. [Ltd.]
is an important producer and supplier of paint rollers and other appliances and tools for professional users as well as for hobby purposes.
IPC plast has undergone a fast innovation process recently. The original assortment of the products as well as the network of trade partners has been considerably expanded. The method of production underwent substantial changes as well.

The company currently uses up-to-date technology of paint roller production and it places emphasis on gaining a very high level of production quality, the widest possible assortment of various types of rollers and other accessories, short delivery dates as well as convenient price relations.

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These attributes have acquired a stable circle of trade partners that expands every year and that contributes to the growing volume of production. More than 95% of the production is exported from the Czech Republic. The main trade partners are from the member states of the European Union.

IPC plast is also active in the area of pressing plastic materials and it is developing its own tool shop successfully. The development is based on the high professional level of the employees and progressive technology.

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History of the company
IPC plast s.r.o. Zirovnice was established in the autumn of 1990 as a family business. The activity of the company from the very beginning was oriented on the production of paint rollers. The company started to produce goods from supplied materials and only for one customer.

The firm became independent during the first year of its activity. It cancelled its dependence on one trade partner and it started to purchase used materials and raw materials directly from suppliers. It also started to supply its products directly to the market.

A period of intensive development of the company started as well as a period of searching for new markets and new partners. Development was mainly oriented on the production of all-purpose rollers on the basis of stitching. Step by step the production innovation has also influenced the remaining assortment of the company - foam rollers and rollers produced on the basis of thermal fusion.

The company invested all its available funds into the development of the production base, the purchase of new machinery and equipment, production technologies, increasing labour productivity, improving the production quality and widening the existing production assortment.

New production hall: construction started in 2004 and was finished in 2005
New production hall after finishing

Together with the growing economic capacity the company has also focused on other activities, especially pressing plastic materials and the production of moulds and tools as well as new machines in its own tool shop. The new situation invoked a need to increase the qualification and technical ability of the employees. The company is currently developing its own production procedures and production technologies and it is constructing new production lines for the entire supplied assortment.

The current production technologies are oriented on product quality, high labour productivity and mass production. Production per year reaches the value of EUR 10 million. The sum represents more than 30 million various rollers and accessories.

The ambitious development of the company and effort to supply goods of the highest quality has resulted in the company obtaining an ISO 9001:2000 certificate, which is defended every year.

IPC plast s.r.o. (Ltd.) has become a respectable, reliable and helpful business partner after 17 years of history that is capable of supplying high quality products in the versions and by the dates that are required by the customers. The company is ranked among leading European producers of paint rollers from the standpoint of quality and production volume.

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